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As part of Hastings Old Town Carnival Week events, Juliette regularly gives popular public demonstrations showing how to use pastels to create a portrait, lasting about an hour with running commentary finishing with a Q & A. The subject is usually the reigning Carnival Queen/ Miss Hastings or one of her two Princesses.

Carnival Princess Pirate portraitQuick sketch portraits during Hastings Pirate Day – previously part of Carnival week, which became so big now has it’s own special day in the diary of community events. Traditional seaside souvenir of a sensational summer!

Hastings Week every October celebrates 1066 and the Battle of Hastings with many cultural events culminating in the Bonfire procession. Alongside the ‘Books Born in Hastings’ showcase afternoon at the Town Hall, Juliette put on an open demonstration drawing portraits of the ‘Picture Your Hero’ winners, nominated by the public for their exceptional community work. 2012 winners include Keith Leech, John Pond and Mary Furnival. Juliette’s previous sitters include Kim Forward – Mayor of Hasting and Jon Bartholomew – Hastings Town Crier.

Juliette and Keith Leech    John Pond Mary Furnival WRVS Volunteer

Hastings Town Crier

Kim Forward, Mayor of Hastings

Kim Forward, Mayor of Hastings













Boathouse Theatre Company – founded in 2011 specifically to encourage young people with a wide range of disabilities to express themselves through acting, singing and the performing arts. Juliette runs Prop-making workshops for the members as well as painting scenery and signs for the shows. Anything is possible, even a roast turkey with a detachable leg made from an old cushion, one just needs a helping hand and imagination!

Boathouse props

Boathouse prop making session

Boathouse prop making session

Boathouse how 'Imagine' 2012

Boathouse show ‘Imagine’ 2012

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